USSA (US Ski and Snowboard Association) Certified Coaches:

HVST has a great staff of trained, knowledgeable coaches.  100% of our coaches have completed USSA Fast Start, more than 75% are USSA Certified, and more than 35% have additional PSIA certificication.


As a USSA Affiliated team, HVST is committed to providing our Athletes the latest techniques, mentoring and training.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact the Head Coach.  

Adam Adkins, USSA Level 100

Thomas Berkeley, USSA Level 200

Dick Brewster, USSA Level 200

Piper Cason, USSA Level FS

David Coulter, USSA Level 200, PSIA Level 1

Steven Coulter, USSA Level 200

Scott Dahman, USSA Level 100

Nick O'Shaughnessy Snowboard  

HVST Coach Roster

Jeffrey Hindman, USSA Level 100

Jeff Kamper, USSA Level 100, PSIA Level 1

Anthony Johnson, USSA Level 100

Sergey Korolev, USSA Level FS

Laura Voegeli USSA Level 100

Shane Mayer, USSA Level 100

Aimee Murer, USSA Level 100

Ken Murer, USSA Level 100

Matt Sadl, USSA Level 100, WIJARA Lead

David Sloane, USSA Level 100

Craig Spidle, USSA Level 200, USSA Lead

John Travis, USSA Level FS, PSIA Level 2

Jason Trobaugh, USSA FS

Scott Weibert, USSA Level 100, PSIA Level 2

Yuriy Safronov, USSA Level FS

Libby McCusker

Chiara Ghette

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