Our Philosophy

Our program is designed to teach skills and improve individual performance through individual/group instruction and the use of friendly competition.   Lifetime skills and fun take precedence over winning.
Saturday - 9AM to 11:45PM (All HVST Members) Tuesday - 6PM to 8:30PM (Devo, Travel and Snowboard Team) Thursday 6PM to 8:30PM (Travel and Snowboard Team). Coaches often add additional practices for the Travel and/or Development Teams, announced via HVST email and Text.  
Please note: Due to COVID-19 and Vail Resorts related capacity regulations, training days are subject to change.

Practice Schedule

Training Programs

The Introductory Team

Introductory Team is a great way for your athlete to be introduced to fun and thrill of ski racing.  Athletes will ski and receive fundamental skills training with coaches across various areas of the Hidden Valley Resort. The Introductory Team is not for kids who have never skied before.  Athletes should be able to fulfill the basic ability requirements to ensure that they gain the most benefit from the program.  Above all, we want Intro team members to develop a passion for skiing. (Sat)  


The Development Team

Development Team members receive more advanced coaching and training to prepare athletes for alpine ski racing.  They will learn how to ski a simulated race course at Hidden Valley and the techniques associated with ski racing for Giant Slalom (GS) and Slalom (SL).  Development Team members are strongly encouraged to participate in one WIJARA race per season to put their training to the test. (Tues/Sat). 


The Travel Team

This program is a more intense in training requirements and is geared to prepare athletes for GS and SL competitions at various race events, primarily in the Midwest. The Travel Team typically competes in all 4 WIJARA club level races (in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois) and for the most skilled athletes, in the Central Division USSA and FIS races in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Athletes can quality for the Rocky Mountain division and National level races by performing well in the USSA and/or FIS race events. (Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun/More)


The Snowboard Team

This program is run as a Tuesday evening practice, however coaches will call special weekday and weekend practices to further prepare team members for upcoming races. Athletes will board with our Snowboard coaches on GS Snowboard course sets, and conduct drills specific to the sport of snowboard racing. This Team will also have specific Snowboard NASTAR course sets so athletes can qualify for National races, and develop their NASTAR race record. (Sat)

What is my Athlete going to be learning?

Your athelet will be learning technical skiing skills and racing techniques and tactics.  Our skills training will attempt to develop skiing and motor skills such as:

  • Body position—balance, agility and coordination

  • Independent leg action

  • Edge control

  • Pressure control

  • Weight transfer

  • Steering and gliding


In Techniques and Tactics you child will be learning:

  • Basic racing terms and situations:  open, closed, oblique, hairpins, GS, Slalom, DH, ruts, above/below, through gates, and other items.

  • Timing and line in racing courses,

  • Start and finish techniques and tactics,

  • Slalom, Giant Slalom and an introduction to Downhill, and of course....

  • Fun and friendly competition.

The coaches are happy give verbal progress reports at the end of weekend practice.  Look for your athlete’s coach after practice and ask for a report on what your althlete is working on. 

HVST operates NASTAR (National Standardize Race), the largest grass roots ski program in the world each weekend at Hidden Valley.  Athletes compete within their age group against the clock to win ranked Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze medals.  Top ranked racers qualify for the NASTAR National Championships.


NASTAR at Hidden Valley Resort is free to all HVST athletes and runs most Saturday and Sundays from 1:00pm.


HVST competes regionally in The Wisconsin Illinois Junior Alpine Racing Association (WIJARA) racing circuit throughout the Midwest, which is open to all interested HVST athletes.


The WIJARA races are the perfect venue to test racing skills. HVST athletes, parents and siblings enjoy the team environment on and off the hill at these very family friendly events.


Races are held at the resorts of Chesnut (IL), Cascade (WI), Sundown (IA) and Tyrol Basin (WI) January and February each year. 

HVST has produced 15 USSA Junior Champions since 1992! Participation in USSA racing provides the athlete with opportunity to race against the best athletes in the region.  It is the gateway to the national point system that measures all athletes on a national basis against each other and against the US SKI Team. 


Five to six race events are held throughout the Central Region starting in December, culminating in regional and divisional championship (Junior Olympics) events in Michigan and Colorado.  Registration is by event so the athlete can pick which events to participate in throughout the season. 

Code of Conduct:
As a member of the Hidden Valley Ski Team, all members must agree to comport themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, and are responsible for their actions while attending or participating in all HVST activities (including but not limited to practice, free skiing at Hidden Valley Ski Resort, Dryland training, camps, competitions, and projects).
Sportsmanlike conduct is defined as, but is not limited to: respect for competition officials, resort employees, and the skiing and snowboarding public, respect for facilities, privileges and operating procedures, the use of courtesy and good manners, acting responsibly and maturely, refraining from the use of profane or abusive language, and abstinence from illegal or immoderate use of alcohol and use of illegal or banned drugs.
Failure to comply with any of the above provisions may lead to disciplinary action by the appropriate Coach or Team leader.  When needed, the Board of Directors shall assess appropriate disciplinary actions which may include removal from practice, competition, or forfeiture of HVST membership.

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