HVST Tuning Service

If your skis need to be tuned and waxed, HVST provides this service with convenient pick up/drop off at Hidden Valley. 


HVST operates our ski tuning shop specifically for our athletes, parents, coaches and others. All profit (after expenses) will go into our team budget so we can hold the line on athlete fees, and continue to provide great service to our parents and athletes!


  • Racing***: Discuss your needs on Tuesday prior to RACE weekend. 

  • *** PLEASE make sure and tell us this is a Race Prep...so we take care of you first!

  • Tuesday:  Drop off after practice ==> ready before Thursday practice.

  • Thursday: Drop off after practice ==> ready before Saturday practice.

  • Saturday: Drop off after practice ==> ready before Tuesday practice.

2020-21 HVST Ski Shop Pricing Guide

  • Base Prep $40. New Skis or Newly Ground Skis includes: Cut side edge material, sharpen, 2 hot scrapes, 1 cold scrape, apply all temperature wax. Apply temperature specific wax $10.

  • Basic Tune $15. Includes Sharpen edges only. No waxing.

  • Complete Tune $25. Includes sharpen edges apply all temperature wax.

  • Full Race Tune $35. Includes sharpen edges apply temperature specific wax.

  • Ski Storage $15. Includes applying storage wax.

  • Hot Scrape $5. Added to tuning services for cleaning contaminated base.

Or Call 314-422-1108 and ask for Captain! 

Payment for Ski Tuning:

  • Cash or checks can be made payable to David Coulter.

Description of Services

Base Prep: Base Prep is for new or newly stone ground skies. Base Prepping includes 2 hot scrape and 1 cold scrape.


Hot Scrape: This is a base cleaning technique that will pull contaminants out of a ski base.  We apply base prep wax to the base and while still semi liquid we scrape it off to pull dirt out of the base. Even if you wax your athlete’s skis at home we recommend this process as necessary especially when skiing on warm dirty snow to keep the bases clean.


All Temperature Ski Prep:   This is the most basic wax package, where we sharpen edges and then wax with an All Temperature Wax.  This will prepare your bases for skiing in a wide range of temperatures.


Race Prep:  We will Sharpen Edges, then select the best Temperature Specific Hydrocarbon Race Wax as per the weather forecasts for the predicted temperature and humidity for the upcoming race. (We also have Low Fluorocarbon Wax Available for wet snow condition for additional $5.00)


Applying Storage Wax to inhibit edge rusting and base dry out in off season is recommended.

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