HVST Coaches

HVST has a great staff of trained, knowledgeable coaches.  100% of our coaches have completed USSA Fast Start, more than 75% are USSA Certified, and more than 35% have additional PSIA certification.

As a USSA Affiliated team, HVST is committed to providing our Athletes the latest techniques, mentoring and training.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, please contact the Head Coach.  

USSA (US Ski and Snowboard Association) Certified Coaches:

Adam Adkins, USSA Level 100

Thomas Berkeley, USSA Level 200

Dick Brewster, USSA Level 200

Piper Cason, USSA Level FS

David Coulter,USSA Level 200,PSIA Level 1

Steven Coulter, USSA Level 200

Scott Dahman, USSA Level 100

Nick O'Shaughnessy, Level 100 Snowboard

Jeffrey Hindman, USSA Level 100

Jeff Kamper,USSA Level 100, PSIA Level 1

Anthony Johnson, USSA Level 100

Sergey Korolev, USSA Level FS

Shane Mayer, USSA Level 100

Greta Banholzer USSA Level 100

Chiara Ghetti USSA Level 100

Alaina Serna USSA Level 100

Yuriy Safronov, USSA Level FS

Matt Sadl, USSA Level 100, WIJARA Lead

David Sloane, USSA Level 100

Craig Spidle, USSA Level 200, USSA Lead

John Travis, USSA Level FS, PSIA Level 2

Jason Trobaugh, USSA FS

Scott Weibert, USSA Level 100, PSIA Lvl 2

Laura Voegeli USSA Level 100

Steve White, USSA Level 100




Equipment Requirements and Recommendations

Helmets - Ski Helmets are required at all times during on snow activity. 

Helmet - Required

Mouth Guard - Recommend but not required!

Goggles – Required -  Clear goggle lens during night practices and tinted for day practice.

Skis – Best Practice: One pair of GS and SL skis, and a pair of all mountain skis to keep the race skis in top shape. 

  • New Athletes: Begin with one pair of SL skis, and progress to the second pair of GS skis as your athlete improves.

  • No on hill rentals.  Buy, properly setup and train on a pair(s) that is serviced by you or your athlete.  Service them yourself, via the teams tuning service or a reputable shop.

Forearm and Shin Guards – Ask a coach when they are needed. Generally, if your athlete is beginning to clear gates, these guards are needed. Generally not needed for Introductory Athletes. 

Back Protector - Ask a coach when a back protector is needed. Usually only needed for high speed athletes. 

Socks  - One pair of medium or light wool socks recommended.  Cotton holds moisture and make feet cold.


Helmet Liner - (Balaclava) For extremely cold days or when snow making is in progress.

Race Suit - Race suits can improve race times, but are not required. Many families choose to wait until the Athlete is regularly attending race events. Ask a coach!

Cut Resistant Base Layer - Recommend, but not required.  Protection from ski edges in the event of ski collision with athlete.  Prevents possible major bleads.

Zip Off Ski Pants - These are designed to be worn over race suits and allow removal without exiting boots. Usually only needed for regular racers, and do NOT need to match the Team Jackets.​

  • Equipment should be of good quality and checked for safety, especially the ski bindings. Please note, our coaches are not certified ski technicians!​

  • The coaching staff conducts Parent clinics on for ski tuning, or use the HVST Tuning Service. 

  • Advice on specific equipment can be obtained from the Head Coach–please do not over buy equipment, which may hinder skiing progress of your Athlete.


SafeSport & MAAPP

As a member club of US Ski and Snowboard, Hidden Valley Ski Team abides by the USSA/SafeSport athlete protection policies.

To read the current USSA Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies (MAAPP)

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For more SafeSport Resources for Parents, Minor Athletes, Coach, Official ,Volunteer and Adult Members

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